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Kate Buenau

Kate Buenau

Marine Sciences Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1529 West Sequim Bay Road
Sequim, Washington 98382


Dr. Kate Buenau is an ecological modeler and quantitative ecologist with the Coastal Ecosystem Research group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Her experience includes studying and modeling species interactions and species-habitat relationships in temperate and tropical nearshore habitats and large river ecosystems. She has worked on developing quantitative decision support tools for adaptive management programs for birds and fish on the Missouri River and salmon habitat restoration in the Lower Columbia River estuary. She has also been involved in studies for analyzing and prioritizing stressors to eelgrass and overall indicators of ecosystem health in Puget Sound.

Research Interests

  • Ecological models of species-habitat relationships, population viability, and aquatic ecosystems
  • Quantitative decision support tools for habitat restoration and adaptive management
  • The effects of environmental heterogeneity and change on phase shifts and alternative stable states

Education and Credentials

  • 2003 B.S., Biology (minor in Mathematics), Arizona State University
  • 2009 Ph.D., Ecology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • Ecological Society of America
  • Society for Ecological Restoration

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2010 OPA for contributions to Puget Sound-Georgia Basin Crossboundary Indicators project
  • 2008 Charles A. Storke Award, UC Santa Barbara

PNNL Publications


  • Thom R.M., J. Gaeckle, K.E. Buenau, A.B. Borde, J. Vavrinec, L.M. Aston, and D.L. Woodruff, et al. 2018. "Eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) Restoration in Puget Sound: Development of a Site Suitability Assessment Process." Restoration Ecology 26, no. 6:1066-1074. PNNL-SA-128364. doi:10.1111/rec.12702


  • Diefenderfer H.L., G.E. Johnson, R.M. Thom, K.E. Buenau, L.A. Weitkamp, C.M. Woodley, and A.B. Borde, et al. 2016. "Evidence-based Evaluation of the Cumulative Effects of Ecosystem Restoration." Ecosphere 7, no. 3:e01242. PNNL-SA-104585. doi:10.1002/ecs2.1242



  • Buenau K.E., T.L. Hiller, and A.J. Tyre. 2014. "Modeling the effects of river flow on population dynamics of piping plovers (Charadrius melodus) and least terns (Sternula antillarum) nesting on the Missouri River." River Research and Applications 30, no. 8:964-975. PNNL-SA-91812. doi:10.1002/rra.2694




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