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Marine Sciences Division

Research Vessels

Strait Science

Strait Science

The MSL maintains three research vessels:

  • 28-ft Aluminum vessel with A-frame and davit (Strait Science)
  • 23-ft SAFE Boat (SAFE Boat)
  • 17-ft- Aumaweld Super-Vee LS (Tenacious-A)

The lab also has access to two other vessels:

  • 33-ft SAFE Boat with davit and optional gantry system (Desdemona)
  • Sun Tracker 20 Fun Fish (Sun Tracker)

Because MSL has multiple vessels, researchers can access to freshwater and marine environments where they study everything from shallow wetland sloughs to the waters of the Salish Sea. The three largest vessels are also radar-equipped and Strait Science, the SAFE Boat and the Desdemona can be used as dive platforms. Strait Science and the Desdemona have power and hoist options to ease deployment and retrieval of scientific equipment. All vessels have on-board generators or inverters to power scientific equipment.







Sun Tracker

Sun Tracker

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