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Marine Sciences Division

Hyperbaric Lab

In the hyperbaric laboratory, we research physical, chemical, and biological processes occurring in ocean waters as deep as 2 km below the surface. We have six 2-liter Parr reactor vessels that are rated to 3,000 psi and equipped with custom cooling systems able to chill vessels to about 4°C. These reactors are constructed out of 2205 Duplex and Hastelloy C stainless steel to permit year-long exposure to seawater or concentrated brines. The vessels may be stirred or static. To extract/inject fluids from the Parr reactors while maintaining pressure, we have a pair of temperature controlled Teledyne syringe pumps (rated to 7500 psi). These pumps can also be used for pressurizing a set of stand-alone view cells equipped with opposing sets of sapphire glass windows that allow users to illuminate and observe the pressurized fluids.

PARR pressure vessels

PARR pressure vessels

Teledyne pumps

Teledyne pumps

High-pressure view cell

High-pressure view cell

PARR reactors with custom chilling jackets

PARR reactors with custom chilling jackets

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