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Marine Sciences Division

Electronics/Optics Laboratories

These are laboratories for sensor system development, platform development, and field operations command and control. Available instrumentation includes:

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Power Supplies
  • Signal Generators
  • Function Generators
  • Frequency Counters
  • Multimeters
  • Soldering/Desoldering stations
  • Small hand tools

In addition, these laboratories contain MSL engineering capabilities such as Solidworks 3D mechanical CAD and multi-layer electronic circuit board design.

Local machine shops provide contract services, precision machining, and fabrication capabilities. There is conditioned guest space in the server room with high speed internet connections. There is also room for guest servers and a desk for visiting PIs.

Finally, the optics/microscopy laboratory has several plain light and epifluorescent microscopes, dissecting microscopes, a FlowCam imaging flow cytometer, and a Bio-Tek Synergy 4 multi-detection plate reader with BioStack microplate stacker for high-throughput processing.

Electronics fabrication bench

Electronics fabrication bench

Guest space with assembly benches and open area for instrument assembly and testing

Guest space with assembly benches and open area for instrument assembly and testing

Optics laboratory

Optics laboratory

Marine Sciences Laboratory

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