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Class-100 Clean Laboratories

Our three state-of-the-art class-100 clean-air laboratory facilities are used to prepare, handle, and analyze environmental samples for ultra-trace level determinations of metals and metalloids. Key components include:

Class-100 laminar flow bench

Class-100 laminar flow bench

  • Positive pressure within the laboratory, maintained by introducing HEPA-filtered air from 6 filtration units mounted in the ceiling.
  • Casework and hoods, constructed of polypropylene or non-metallic materials to eliminate metal contamination sources.
  • Class-100 laminar flow clean benches, used for sample preparation and analysis to ensure sample integrity.
  • High purity 18 MΩ cm deionized water, fed into the laboratories from a centralized water purification system.
  • Analytical instrumentation.
Polypropylene hoods

Polypropylene hoods

Sample analytical laboratory

Sample analytical laboratory

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Class-100 Clean Laboratories

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