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Marine Sciences Division

Aquatics Research Laboratories

This facility has a 5,300 ft2 open plan, which enables research on chemical, biological, or physical components and processes under controlled conditions. These laboratories can provide any mix of freshwater and/or saltwater for research in static, flow through, filtered, or raw conditions. The freshwater supply is untreated well water, and saltwater is pumped from Sequim Bay at rates up to 200 gallons/min. Seawater may be filtered via a sand bed (to 35 µm) but we also have additional cartridge filtration down to 0.1 µm. Temperature settings are controlled at the point of use.

Discharged water is directed either to clean-water discharge systems or to the advanced water treatment system that removes chemical and biological constituents before discharging through NPDES-permitted outfall. This system has:

  • settling tanks for chemical treatment and large particulate removal
  • particulate filtration up to 100 µm
  • redundant in-line disinfection via UV
  • 10,000 lb carbon beds for adsorption and additional filtration.
Carbon filtration tanks

Carbon filtration tanks

in-line UV disinfection

in-line UV disinfection

400 L experimentation tanks

400 L experimentation tanks

Marine Sciences Laboratory

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